Why Attend The Course?

The Health & Safety Executive clearly state:

  Professional/ Industrial users  

Professional / industrial users are those people using biocides in the course of their job or business, who have received appropriate information, instruction and training in their use.

The type of training required should cover issues such as the law, correct use of biocides and how to carry out a risk assessment under the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). Those using biocides have a duty to properly assess each planned usage, considering the options for treatment and the potential risks involved. The product should then be able to be used in a way which reduces any risks from its use.

The Professional Softwash Technician Credential

Attending our training course is a guaranteed way to gain comprehensive industry knowledge and skills in the safe and effective use of Professional Use Biocide/Chemicals and the health and safety credentials to become a Professional Softwash Technician.

Our Training programme has a solid Health & Safety element, to include COSHH, Hierarchy of Control, Label Compliance and Good Work Practice together with cleaning techniques in the safe and effective use of Biocides/Chemicals & Oxidising Agents currently trending in the softwashing industry, as a treatment of live growth on Exterior Hard Surfaces. We also promote positive environmental impact and corporate responsibility.

The Benefits of Completing the Programme

  • A Digital Credential issued by City & Guilds
  • Achievement Certificate
  • Invitation to the Professional Register of Softwashers (P.R.O.S.)
  • Continued Support & Mentoring

The foremost benefits of undertaking the Professional Softwash Technician Programme are the skills you will develop and learning you attain from the programme. There is an added benefit in that the training delivered is from licensed training providers whose processes and procedures have been quality assured by the global leader in skills development, City & Guilds. Upon successful completion of the programme you will receive an email which will enable you to download your digital credential. This is a co-branded (City & Guilds and Softwash Training Solutions) badge which you can share over various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter and Instagram as well as attaching to websites and as an email signature. This credential verifies your skills and achievements and gives whomever interacts with the badge the reassurance that you have gained your skills by choosing a licensed City & Guilds assured training provider.

About Digital Credentials

The information here is reproduced from the City & Guilds website:

What is a digital credential?

A digital credential or badge is a verified, visual representation of knowledge and skills earned in various learning environments.

What is the benefit of a digital credential?

Because digital credentials are issued and verified online, unlike paper certificates they make it easy for individuals to demonstrate their competencies to employers, clients and peers online. Each digital credential has a unique URL that can be shared electronically via social media, in your email signature, on your CV, and more.

Why have City & Guilds decided to issue digital credentials?

Digital credentials help you gain recognition by allowing you to easily display and share your achievements. As they are available online they are portable and transparent, and the detail behind each badge means others can see what it took for you to earn your achievement. According to LinkedIn research, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views.

How will others see what it took to earn that achievement?

When you share a digital credential then people can view certain information including a description of your achievement, the criteria you were assessed against and who made that assessment decision. This information can be found when you click on the badge itself, which takes you through to a page containing full details of the learning experience behind the credential.

How do I share my digital credentials?

Once you have accepted the badge and it is in the My Credentials area, simply click on that credential and select the Share button. You’ll see several options for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. With each social media organization, you’ll be asked to sign into that service before the credential is published.

How will someone know my digital credential is authentic?

Your badge is linked to your profile on City& Guild’s Digital Credentials site, which includes verified information. Every badge and profile has a unique URL.

Can someone copy or steal my badge?

No, your digital credential is awarded to your unique name and email address. If someone were to copy the credential image, it would be unverified and invalid. There would be no “meta-data” or additional information about the credential.

What if I have more than one email address?

You can link multiple e-mail addresses to your profile. This means that if, for example, your digital credential is delivered to your work e-mail, but your social media accounts are linked to a personal e-mail, it is a seamless experience to share your accomplishment. Use the dropdown tool to the right of your name at the top of your page. Select Account Settings and you will see the option to add an email.

Watch the Video to find out more about Digital Credentials


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