What are the benefits of undertaking the ‘Professional Softwash Technician Programme Assured by City & Guilds?

The foremost benefits of undertaking the Professional Softwash Technician Programme are the skills you will develop and learning you attain from the programme. There is an added benefit in that the training delivered is from licensed training providers whose processes and procedures have been quality assured by the global leader in skills development, City & Guilds.

In what way is the programme affiliated with City & Guilds?

The Professional Softwash Technician Programme is an assured City & Guilds training programme. This means that the information, instruction and training you receive on the programme is from a licensed training company which has been quality assured by City & Guilds. City & Guilds have recognised the processes and systems used to deliver the programme and reviewed the content from a learning and development perspective against their benchmark standard of excellence. The digital credential and certificate you receive upon completion of the programme is issued by City & Guilds, a household brand and global leader in skills development.

How does the digital credential work and how could it benefit my business?

Upon successful completion of the programme you will receive an email which will enable you to download your digital credential. This is a co-branded (City & Guilds and Softwash Training Solutions) badge which you can share over various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter and Instagram as well as attaching to websites and as an email signature. This credential verifies your skills and achievements and gives whomever interacts with the badge the reassurance that you have gained your skills by choosing a licensed and City & Guilds assured training provider. We believe this can give you a competitive edge in the Softwashing industry and if used and promoted correctly could be a powerful business tool for your exterior cleaning company.

Is this a City & Guilds qualification?

Although the is not a qualification as such, it is an assured training programme. Let’s give you some perspective. To gain one credit towards a City & Guilds Technical Qualification you would have to undertake at least 10 hours of guided learning. To obtain a Technical Level 2 Qualification you would have to undertake 130 hours of guided learning. That’s a lot of hours and a lot of learning for a niche activity! In light of these facts, City & Guilds do not offer a technical qualification in Softwashing at this time. However, they can still review and approve companies such as Softwash Training Solutions to carry out training that accords with their benchmark standards, and provide a digital credential to candidates that pass the course. This is the nature of the service we offer.

Does any organisation or body offer a qualification in ‘Professional Softwashing’?

No, other than the assured programme now offered by ourselves there are currently no licensed training providers in the UK or Ireland that are offering a qualification in professional Softwashing.

Does any other organisation or body offer a City & Guilds assured training programme in ‘Professional Softwashing’?

We are the only licensed training provider in UK and Ireland to offer a professional Softwashing programme that is assured by City & Guilds or any other globally recognised educational organisation.

If this isn’t a qualification then what’s the point in me completing this training programme?

A qualification is not always required but skills are. A certificate hanging on a wall in your office may bring you peace of mind but does nothing for your customer. With the City & Guilds credential you can clearly and effectively show case your skills and commitment to good work practice.

How does the this training programme differ from the previous training I attended with Softwash Solutions?

The training programme is now run over 2 days and is more robust and has greater content, to include tooling specification, product use legalities, advanced health & safety and environmental impact together with a practical skills test. And of course this new programme offers the City & Guilds digital credential upon completion.

If I have already completed training with Softwash Solutions why should I do it again?

There is no requirement to undertake the training programme a second time. However, if you wish to gain the credential it is a City & Guilds requirement that you complete this new 2 day programme. Continuous Personal Development (‘CPD’) should be undertaken every three years. If you undertook the original programme more than two years ago your training will need to be updated this year. Why not do your CDP, receive your credential and gain the market edge in the meantime?

Is there any sales involved on the programme and are any products promoted?

There is no selling involved in the programme and absolutely no requirement to purchase anything. The trainers will make recommendations regarding products and tooling and point you in the direction of suppliers, but the there is no hard sell or buying requirement involved.

What do I have to do to pass successfully?

On day two of the programme candidates will undertake two multiple choice papers and also complete a practical examination. The pass mark is 70% overall.

Is this training for me?

That is a decision only you can make. But why not give yourself a market advantage by obtaining a valuable business tool that showcases your skills and commitment to obtaining licensed and assured training so in turn, you can give your customers, domestic or commercial, peace of mind and reassurance in the form of a credential issued by a household brand and marker leader.

Is this A City & Guilds qualification?

It is an accredited award, assured by City & Guilds.


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