Softwash Training Solutions is a team of exterior cleaning experts and professionally qualified trainers who offer training in the safer and more effective application of chemical cleaning products. Our training is engineered for the treatment of exterior hard surfaces and the removal of mould, algae, fungi and unsightly staining.

Professionally Qualified Trainers

All our trainers are  professionals, and have been delivering softwash training for many years.

Exterior Cleaning Experts

We are professional softwash technicians ourselves, so really can provide expert advice and knowledge.

Health & Safety Focus

We will show you the safest ways to apply biocide and professional-use only chemicals.

Environmentally Responsible

Our mission is to keep you and the environment safe when dealing with hazardous chemicals.

Whilst delivering our one day training programme over the past six years we have recognised that our attendees were looking for some reassurance that the training they were attending would be acknowledged within the Softwashing industry and commercial world. We took it upon ourselves to find our what we could do to make that happen. After many months of hard work and significant financial investment we have successfully completed a rigorous quality assurance process with City & Guilds and can proudly say that we are the only company in the UK and Ireland that offer a City & Guilds Assured Professional Softwash Technician Programme.

Our training service is based on the professional philosophy and methods developed by Softwash Training Solutions under the partnership of Kevin Gifford and Christopher Cloke. The company’s unique approach to professional use only chemicals, their uses and application techniques, has a solid health and safety element and encourages environmental responsibility and corporate responsibility.

Providing Professional Accreditation

Attending the City & Guilds Assured Professional Softwash Technician training programme is a guaranteed way to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in the safer and more effective use of professional use biocide and other chemicals, together with the health and safety information, instruction and training necessary to be deemed a “professional” by the Health & Safety Executive in the UK and the Health & Safety Authority in Ireland.

Our training programme is the only of its kind to be Assured by City & Guilds, a developmental and educational body that sets, regulates and maintains the highest standards in workplace excellence in over 80 countries globally.


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